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I haven’t actually written anything in the longest time, and to be honest, I miss writing. I remember I used to write a lot back in 2011, then I realized most of what I was writing were relevant things in my life. There were plenty like: which of my friends, what I wanted to do with my life, my family, my love life. All things that I truly loved to talk about. Then I realized a lot of that stuff was kind of sad. I wrote because I was down for most of the day. I didn’t write because I was happy and I guess that’s why I’m not writing anymore. To be honest, I’d rather be happy than to write though.

Ever since Kathleen walked into my life (the first time) I did not think to talk to any other girl. She was on my mind all day, and there was nothing else I would think of.  I loved having someone to talk to every single day, and she was the person.  We had a lot of ups during our first time talking, but then things went downhill.  We began to be distant as we both saw who we truly were to each other.  She was the girl that defends herself from every guy, and I was the asshole.  There wasn’t much here in this story, and it just moved on to the next.  We were fighting indirectly, as we avoided each other and even attacked each other indirectly through our words.  As time went by, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t think about her, hoping she was safe and that everything was alright.  Little did I know, she was doing the same.

I realized it was a mistake to let her go and it hurt me that she left.  I fought for her, but it wasn’t enough, and I regretted it everyday.  We started talking again because of our final project for humanities, and in the end I apologized for being such an asshole and we ended on good terms.  Christmas was coming close and we started to talk again, and til’ this day, well it’s been history. 

We’ve been together for an entire year and I can’t tell you how much I love her. How much I cherish her. How much I want her to be mine for the rest of my life. I know that’s a big thought, but I feel like there’s nothing more that I want. I can see myself grow old with her, and I can’t wait.  I chased her for a while, and I got her. Sometimes, I still see myself chasing her.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but what couple hasn’t? Once you get through those moments, you grow stronger, and believe me, I’m as strong as I’ve ever been. 

Kathleen, you are my support system, my love, my happiness, and everything positive I can think of.  You help me up when I’m down, you give me the strength that I need, and you make me happy.  Happiness is a mood, not a destination, and as long as you’re around, I am happy. I love you Kathleen Ragadio Abieras.



AB RIPPER X: 25 reps each

  1. In & Outs
  2. Bicycle (2 sets, one forward, one backward)
  3. Seated Crunchy Frog
  4. Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit-up (Not shown)
  5. Fifer Scissor
  6. Hip Rock’N Raise
  7. Pulse Up
  8. Rollup/V-Up Combo
  9. Oblique V-up
  10. Leg Climb
  11. Mason Twist (50 reps, not shown)

Stretch before and after.

big thanks to whoever made this! alot of people ask where they can find this

KILLER LOL. I love it though.

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